The purpose of the German Society of Maryland is to preserve and promote the German heritage, language and traditions through educational, social, and benevolent programs; and to develop the unity and continuity of the German American community in the State of Maryland.

The German Society is one of the oldest institutions in America. It was organized in 1783 to protect and assist German-speaking immigrants. It received its charter from the Maryland legislature in 1817. In the 1800's it was the social service agency of the State of Maryland, which provided aid to German immigrants. In the early 1900's it persuaded Congress to enact national laws for the protection of immigrants.

The Society is a member of the national organizations, Deutschamerikanischer National Kongress (DANK) and the United German-American Committee of the USA, Inc. (UGAC-USA). The Society attempts to work in close cooperation with these and other local and national German ethnic organizations.

The Society publishes an excellent newsletter which informs members of upcoming events of the Society and events of other German American groups in Maryland and surrounding areas. The newsletter also includes news from Germany and articles on the role German-Americans in Maryland and U.S. history. The German Society of Maryland encourages its members to participate in the activities of other German-American organizations locally and nationally.


Two Hundred Years: The German Society of Maryland

-From Aid to Indentured Servants to Scholarship Awards for Maryland Students-

(This article was originally written in 1983 by Dr. Armin Mruck. It was published at the time in the German Society Program. The mission of the GSM remains the same.)


Dues: Annual dues are $25. Spouses may be included at no extra cost.

German teachers receive a reduced rate of $15.

The German Society of Md. is a non-profit, charitable corporation under the provisions of &501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Contributions are welcome and are fully tax deductible.

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Der Deutsche Correspondent
in the history of Maryland.
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Each year  the German Society holds a banquet honoring a Marylander of German descent who has made a special contribution to this community. Here are pictures and articles from some of these events.

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